the 2021 Independent Contractor Rule

Preserving Trucker's Freedom

Our independent truck drivers should have the freedom to decide which worker model they prefer- not the government. TIE is working hard to preserve this right, along with reducing the inflationary effect of the trucker/driver shortage. You can help- one click can make the difference.

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Owner operators make up a large portion of our nation's trucking industry. However, their business model is under threat by the Reclassification of Independent Contractors legislation, which not only stands to negatively impact thousands of lives, but also the US economy as a whole.

Truck Driver
Truck Driver
"I learned at a young age that being an owner operator gave me the opportunity to get rewarded with hard work vs an hourly paycheck. The harder I work the more I can provide for my family. As an owner operator I am able to choose which jobs I want to complete."
Truck Driver
4th Generation Truck Driver, Both his father and grandfather had their own trucks in Cuba and continued to be owner operators since he moved to Miami when he was 11.

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A Closer look at the industry

1 in 7 trucks you see on the road today in the US is an owner operator.

Our current supply chain wouldn't be able to function without our nation's truck drivers. They are the backbone of our economy- the facts speak for themselves.

billion in gross freight revenues in 2021
Of US companies rely on fewer than 100 trucks to facilitate shipments.
Owner operators in the US today
US freight tonnage delivered via truck

An industry
at risk

White House
The risk

The White House

In 2019, national labor unions rallied in California with a successful legislative campaign that radically changed 30 years of state law to reclassify millions of workers as employees. The success of AB5, which restricts businesses from classifying workers as independent contractors rather than employees, has propelled unions to leverage the Biden Administration to push for a national policy that would limit how independent contractors operate at a federal level.  

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Every voice matters

TIE aims to preserve the trucker's freedom by educating policymakers on the importance of preserving the 2021 Independent Contractor Rule and collaborating with owner operators, trade associations, and companies to make a legislative difference.

They work hard to keep our Economy Rollng.

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